Why I Like Hip-Hop/Rap

Hip-hop is the most urgent form of expression.  The primal, sometimes brash quality of minimal vocabulary grabs and shakes you calling you to action.  Other styles of music can be urgent too, but they are too sophisticated because of the clutter of complete formal words and grammar, to be as urgent and have that all-inclusive potential for comprehension.  Also, in styles like punk and hard rock the guitar and other instruments plays an equal if not larger role than the lyrics, whereas in rap and hip-hop it mainly serves as the background.  This allows direct verbal communication with the listener so as to eliminate everything beside the message, and language, not music, is the most urgent and comprehensible way to express a thought or idea to a person.  The Hip-hop form also provokes and deals with the two basic motives of/in life: sex/power and death, often being a call or response to those basic elements.  Perhaps in this way it relates to everyone all the time, which could explain its popularity.  In this way it grabs you [by the balls?] and makes you feel alive, now!  It doesn’t exactly tell one what to do, what action to take, at least not in some everyday sense, but it doesn’t need to, and it wouldn’t be beautiful or fitting if it did.


What do you think?

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