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conversation 15 (feminist artist)

A: Do you know that female artist that made really feminine work? Fuck I can’t remember her name.
B: Which one? Ohhhhhh you mean the one that pulled a scroll out of her vagina?
A: Hahaha, no, the one that made a series of dildos like modeled after skyscrapers.


this week

I just had to buy this beer as soon as i saw it. 51 oz. 8% alcohol! Russian BALTIKA, Bitch! That what i call a bottle of beer, makes bud light look like a “sissy drink for sure.” But i still have to find someone to split it with.
Went to Whitney Museum, and there happened to be an artists lecture Eric Deringer . The artist incorporates a lot of humor into his work, and one of his projects was extremely similar to a piece that I was going to make. Shit! no, i wasn’t going to make shit, well, at least not… nevermind. What i meant is Dam! But speaking of shit, check out one of his projects. WARNING: Gross but numbingly clever.
INSIDE: The main exhibit at the Whitney was by Rudolph Stingel. One of his pieces was a carpet the exact size of an exhibit wall which was on the floor of his studio for some timem while he was working. So there were drips on it and all that stuff. He hung it on the wall at the museum. When i saw it, i was like, “Shit! I had the same idea.” I was going to cover the floor of my room with a large sheet of paper so it would pick up footprints and stuff and then hang it on a wall. THe main difference i can see here between mine and his idea is the size, the fact that his was a carpet and mine paper and that he placed his in his art studio and i was going to place mine in my bedroom.

This weekend is the Dumbo Arts Festival. Like gallery night in Milwaukee. Lots of high spirits.

I’m reading The Philosophy of Andy Warhol. It it brilliant! Its a simple read and logic but nonetheless compelling. More people should read this book and learn a completely different way of looking at the numerous aspects of the life and the world he focuses on. One of the things Warhol talks about is his strive to be nothing. The paradox he explains is that when you are looking for something, say friends, you don’t make any. But when you stop looking all of a sudden they come to you. So he always wanted to be nothing, but ended up being a very big deal. I’ve never heard anything like the things in this book.
I just watched Sicko by Michael Moore. He’s a master of documentary. Great movie. So now i understand that a $5000 painting is not expensive. Next time someone whines and complains about the cost of a painting i’ll do what all businessmen would do. I’ll ask, “would you rather spend a day or two at the hospital, or own this beautiful painting? Obviously they would rather own a painting then spend time in a hospital.
Canada and England seem pretty cool places to live, and so does France, at least for benefits from the Gov.

I went to several galleries yesterday that we had to go to for class. saw some very interesting stuff, and some that was ok. There were quite a few people there; more than I ever see on a Saturday in Milwaukee. Saw larry Clark’s photos, (he made Kids) but they weren’t that impressive. In one of the galleries was a piece of Sol LeWitt. He’s dead now, but still has shows, because of the nature of his art. He designed instructions for draftsmen to carry out and create the actual art object. So nobody needs him there in order to make his art. The abstract drawings that are created based on the instructions are often done right on the walls. At the end of the show they get painted over. If someone wants to buy a piece, they pay for the secret instructions, not the actual drawings (output) of the instructions. Anyways in one gallery there was a cat sitting on the floor facing his art…

Visiting Baltimore

INSIDE August 29, 2007

Went to Baltimore. Stayed at my friend Sean’s house. I was told some freshman girls were supposed to come over and we were going to play beer-pong. Radiating my unlucky aura we ended up just playing beer-pong. Tried to sleep on an “S” or “C”-shaped couch, or whatever it was. Uncomfortable. Lay on my left side and i don’t know where to put my legs, flip over to my right and can’t figure out how to arrange my arms. Eventually went to diff. room and fell asleep by 7am-something.

Thursday Hung out with Talbolt and Gabe, and then Baris. As i was coming to the Dorms, i saw Maria sitting talking on the phone. Jumped the fence to get into the Dorms courtyard to play soccer with Baris and Nick because security chick didn’t let me in without ID. But Maria went inside before i got the idea and i didn’t have a cell on me to call her. At night played beer-pong again. Friday hung out with Talbolt in the day, shot a hooker, and went to Baris’s house where his roommate, friend and himself were “chilin'” and the activities involved with that. Baris served up some Turkish snacks. Then went back to Sean’s, where a pre-party (that later turned into a party) was in swing. Met some girl that i met before but forgot, and hung out and talked with other friends from Charm City.

It was kind of bittersweet to walk the streets, around MICA as a visitor, an alien that only 3-4 months ago i was a part of. I miss it, and it teased me to be there again. I felt like an observer, but i still had fun. It may be the only time i am back this semester.