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They are odd and remarkable and if one of your fantasies happened to you, it would be overwhelmingly profound.  It would be surreal, and we would have to “pinch ourselves” to re-affirm that it not a dream and in fact it is happening.

Recently I was going about my business and accidentally, walked up to a fantasy, an implausible situation, more accurately the fantasy came to me, that I barely dreamed about, or gave up fancying about, because it was beyond what I’ve previously experienced.  It caught me off guard. I was nervous that I’d feel like a fool if I was the center of a joke.  I stood inside this situation and questioned it with disbelieve, thinking it was a hoax, only gradually started becoming aware that this was a fantasy of mine.  By the time I realized it was real, and that I was not being toyed with, the fantasy vanished.  Maybe it wasn’t my biggest fantasy, but it effortlessly could have become an awesome fantasy.  It was at least a precursor for a miraculous thing.  I spent my time questioning the situation rather than embracing it.  A moment after I foolishly disintegrated the opportunity, I realized what a loser I was to not embrace the moment and turn it into a fantasy.  I spent the night asking myself “wtf?”  “I can’t believe I…” and “How did I pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity?”

Everyone has fantasies.  I believe, (hopefully), that every person will have an opportunity to embrace at least one in their lifetime.

When we think about our fantasies, it’s usually a wishful abstract dreaming that is not serious.  Some people should, (unfortunately), dedicate some time to carefully contemplating and planning their fantasies.  I say unfortunately because planning creates a pre-manufactured experience which cannot be as profound as an intuitive one.  They should walk through their fantasy in their head so they know what events lead up to it, what to do, and how to react when they come across it.  They should be prepared to exploit the opportunity correctly, so they don’t second-guess themselves when it is happening.  Because happening fantasies are arresting!  We are so used to ordinary routine life that when we confront something fantastic, which is unexpected, we are caught off guard and have to prove to our selves that it’s actually happening.  Sometimes the fantasy will confront you years after you have given up wishing for it.  You might be in a nostalgic situation where embracing the fantasy may sacrifice other good things in your life, so you have to decide/pre-determine to either fuck everything else and dive into the fantasy, or reject the opportunity.

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At the Waterfront, Study No. 1, 1987