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Theory on Why i Have a Phobia of Insects

When I was young, less than 7 years old, i was out with my dad outside walking around.  I felt an unpleasant sensation on the tip or inside my pea-hole (for lack of a more mature work such as dick).  I must have complained or whined about it, and so we halted.  I or my dad reached inside my underwear and found my little penis.  I am guessing i was horrified at the sight, (and this vivid image attests to the significance of the event,) but there was an ant stuck halfway in my penis-hole and halfway in the foreskin.  This isn’t something that happens often, in fact none of my close friends have ever experienced this, but somehow that one in a million event happened to me.  My dad somehow pulled it all out without snapping it (the ant) in half and leaving it there until I had to pee.  From that day on I was very cautious of small creatures, and to this day I fear that an insect will crawl up my pants and into my crotch.  This is why to this day if I am going hiking I wear jockeys, and prefer to stay as far as possible from insects.  And dogs too, but for a different reason.  Because I fear they will suddenly jump and bite off my penis.  And also that’s why I don’t like swimming in waters where I can’t see underwater.