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Hunter MFA Open Studios Fall 2010

Hunter’s MFA Open Studios along with a silent auction is coming up this Friday November 19th and Saturday November 20th which is the event i’ve been most anticipating.  I really don’t know what to expect in terms of the crowd, i know open studios are kind of big events in local art scenes.  So i’ve been working more and more as Open Studios approach, mostly because i feel i’ve been slacking a bit during the semester.  As a result, my thoughts about my art are ahead of their realizations as my artworks-I will mostly show past work, but hopefully it too will interest the visitors.  Unfortunately my studio is tucked away on the 6th floor (top floor) which likely means less people coming to it.  It amazes me how architecture determines peoples’ exploration of a place.  Like you never know what you might find where nobody goes because its farther from the crowd, you have to make more turns around walls and climb stairs, yet what you discover could be a treasure.  Nevertheless, when i’m faced with a ton of galleries or studios to see, i too at some point admit to myself, that yes, i cant judge all the artists based on ones i saw on the first floor, but i just don’t feel like seeing all of them.  Because if I missed someone’s good work, then its ok, because if its good enough i’ll see it eventually.  It’ll come to me someday; it won’t avoid me eternally.  But i do expect all the important art people to make an effort to see all the students because if they don’t i’ll bring my artworks to their gallery and make them see it.