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What Hip-Hop is About

Hip-hop is as much about what is said as it is and perhaps even more so about the assertion of power and influence, which is why most hip-hop artists boast themselves and their power.  Before these artists can start talking about other things they must first prove to the world that they do in fact matter, and are in fact important. This is the triumph of hip-hop.  And oftentimes I hear people ask what a particular rap or hip-hop song is about and really its not so much about anything other than an expression of existence and importance of the voiceless and unprivileged.   Unfortunately, the success of Hip-Hop could be seen as a double-edged sword especially because it has been around for so long.  Because the influence and ubiquity of hip-hop is no longer questioned after being around for over 30 years.  Now, hip-hop artists have the power; they sort of don’t need to prove it, although many still feel they do and end up molding themselves to a preexisting way of making music, which often results in it being unauthentic.  This is why people are asking if hip hop is dead, and it very well might be on its way down not in terms of ubiquity, but in terms of quality and novelty, except for a few artists. Its like you’ve won the power to say things, but now what?