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Sweet Voices

(Not the actual worker at Katie Gingrass Gallery)

I work with a girl who has the sweetest possible voice you can imagine.  I’m not sure it can get any sweeter.  It’s like the perfect maid’s voice.  It’s the voice that wants to serve and help you; its excited, cheerful, caring, sincere and so polite it stuns you and asks a second of you to absorb it before you respond.  It’s perfect for customer support.  Sometimes the phone rings at work, and we are both sitting by the phone, but I don’t pick it up on purpose (I only make it look like I went for it at the last second) because it’s just worth hearing her answer with a “hello, Katie Gingrass Gallery this is _________!…” and go on helping the customer, and replying in “Sure! Yes! Absolutely!”  Absolutely cute and lovely!  If she or someone like her worked at some customer support, I would get her extension number and call her specifically and make up a troubleshooting error so that I can listen to her talk.  I would ask many questions and ask her to repeat specific parts of the sentences that I found particularly lovely.  Maybe I’d play dumb and see if her voice changes.  I would call her when I’m feeling down and it would be a delightful.

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